Friday, January 4, 2008

Wrong arena spec FTL

Some chap at scoured the Armory for the top ranked (>2000 rating) teams, and computed the popular team setups and the popular class talent specs.

For 2v2 teams, the most popular setup by a large margin (22.6% to 11.4%) was warrior/druid.

For the druids on the 2v2 teams, the most popular build by an enormous margin is uninterruptible cyclone/feral charge/resto (8/11/42). Variations on 8/11/42 added at least another 18%. Only one feral build made the top 5, and it was at 2.7%.

The implication is that if you're a druid playing 2v2 arenas, if you're not resto, you don't stand much of a chance at achieving a high rating. Feral does not appear to be a viable 2v2 spec.

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