Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Queues Suck

More specifically, long queues suck. My experience on various queue times:

Eye: < 1 minute
AV: 2-4 minutes
5v5 Arenas: < 1 minute
3v3 Arenas: < 1 minute
2v2 Arenas: 5-15 minutes

Personally, I think 2v2 Arenas are the most fun, with 3v3 close behind. 5v5 is just too much chaos, and relies more on tight team coordination than individual skill.

The big problem with 2v2 queues are that you're waiting in line longer than you're actually playing (typically). It's ridiculous. I simply won't do it anymore until Blizzard brings the queue times down to something reasonable (< 2 minutes, ideally < 1 minute). This sucks, because I can't do the one thing I most want to. The queues are long enough to negate the fun derived from the activity.

With 2007 profits in excess of $500 million (US), Blizzard has simply no excuse to fix this. Immediately.

Arenas are very popular, obviously. $500 million buys you a hell of a lot of servers.


Anonymous said...

Spare some sympathy for the poor folks in the Ruin battlegroup in EU. Only 4 servers - wait times for games can be enormous, especially for arena.

Whimsy said...

I feel your pain. If only Blizzard had, oh, say $500 million US to fix it.