Monday, January 28, 2008

Epic WSG

I really wish I'd remembered to take a screenshot of the final score card.

Backing up a bit, we managed to scrape up 10 people for a premade WSG group for this WSG bonus weekend. We pretty much steamrolled through our first 2 games in short order. Our 3rd game turned into an epic 33 minute non-stop combat marathon. The first cap took 27 minutes. The 2nd and 3rd cap rapidly followed as the 1st cap broke the other team's morale.

Unfortunately, it was our morale that was broken.

When I say non-stop combat marathon, I'm not kidding. We grabbed their flag, they grabbed ours. We defended our flag in our flag room (for the most part) with about 6 people as the other 4 went off to try and grab their flag back. They mounted a 25 minute non-stop attack on us in a stalemate until our priest gave up.

We had 4 healers. Good thing too, because they had a warrior in 3/5 Season 3 gear (plus Season 3 2H mace) and 2/5 Season 2 gear. He put out over 800,000 damage over the course of the game (I think it was 830,000). The next closest (also Horde) put out over 400,000. Our top damage dealer came in about 350,000.

We had the top 4 healers, each over 350,000 healing - and that doesn't count final lifebloom blooms or prayer of mending heals etc.

Nuts. It really sucked to lose that one.

Edit: Just for kicks I did the math - 830K damage over 33 minutes is 419dps for every single second of the match. Of course, he wasn't in combat every single second, so his actual dps was much much higher.

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