Thursday, January 17, 2008

AV Map imbalance

I'm not particularly a big fan of WoW Insider, but there's a very well written article on the current AV Map imbalance here.

The article describes how the introduction of reinforcements into AV (a change I welcomed) has dramatically changed the AV landscape.

Essentially it gives the Horde a choice: race to the general for a 50/50 chance at a win in a short amount of time - or - turn the game into a slow turtle where they will inevitably win after 20-30 minutes.

My experiences in AV pretty much exactly match the article. Highly recommend reading.


TKC said...

I think the counter strategy to the horde turtling in AV begins with capping and holding Iceblood GY. So when me and any guildies go this is our first stop.

If they try to turtle, we fight here. If they don't then we move on to Frostwolf GY and the Relief Hut.

Whimsy said...

That's the best counter strategy I'm aware of. Convincing the 20 other PUG noobs to help you take the defended Iceblood GY can be a challenge though.

TKC said...

Good news. I was in AV 5 times last night. People are picking up on what the horde is up to. Me and the two other guildies that went set up macros to put into BG chat an explanation. To our pleasant surprise, most people knew. 10-15 people were regularly capping and holding IBGY.

I personally went 4-1 with the only loss being against a pre-made. They even tried to turtle but with the entire offense holding up at IB they couldn't hold out. They managed to overrun our defense and win a race to kill the general. Even in this one loss we were fairly pleased with how the stategy went.