Monday, January 14, 2008

Alliance sucks in BG's, Redux

I've previously made the claim that Alliance sucks in Battlegrounds, based purely on anecdotal evidence. But is that really the case? I think people tend to remember the losses and forget the wins.

So, I'm going to track every battleground I do and see whether or not Alliance really does suck (at least from my perspective anyway). You'll notice a new "Battlegrounds Record" sidebar on my blog which I will keep updated.

As of this writing, I'm even on Eye of the Storm games and positive on AV games.

You probably won't see many WSG games. I hate with a passion WSG with PUGs. The games last approximately 14 hours each, as each team grabs the others' flag but neither is coordinated enough to grab it back. At least with Eye, AB and AV, you know the game will finish one way or another within 30-45 minutes at the worst. A WSG game, as with diamonds, lasts bloody well forever.


Anonymous said...

Funny topic for me to read today. I recently gave up playing Alliance, that I have played since release,3 level 70's, to go roll horde. Because I just couldn't take how horrible Alliance has become at BG's.

Outside of raiding, BG's is where I spend all my time, and constantly receiving zero points in AV just wasn’t going to work from me. But I think what you will find is that it differs from Battlegroup. I'll be checking back to see your results.

Whimsy said...

Yep, I've rerolled Horde too for the exact same reason. I've leveled a Tauren Shammy to level 46 for the sole purpose of having a better win record in battlegrounds.

Ultimately, I've abandoned my Shammy. I'd lose the ability to play with my friends, I'd (possibly) have to redo the rotten rep grinds in TBC, and I found I just didn't like a Shammy's game play as much. Of course, there's also the possibility that Horde doesn't actually win more.

Delos said...

I've OFTEN thought about re-rolling horde. Fighting in arena against people in the mid 1500's range who have full Gladiator's sets (because their faction wins more often so they get much more honor) who still have no clue how to play their class really grinds my gears. Any of us alliance with comparable gear had to work really hard to get it.

Megan over at Out of Mana does a nice job writing up articles on PvP and the alliance. Check out these ones:

Smart girl, that Megan.

Delos said...

Bah, Blogger phails!

Accountability in BG
PvP Tunnel Vision

Whimsy said...

Thanks Delos! Great links.

Anonymous said...

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