Thursday, January 3, 2008

Molten WTF

Mages learn a new spell, Molten Armor, at level 62. It causes 75 damage to attackers, increases the mages chance to crit by 3% and reduces chance to be crit by 5%.

I have ~2500 AP in the gear I typically use in battlegrounds, and druids have a 1.0 attack speed. At 14 AP per 1 DPS, this means I should be putting out about 178 dps against a target with no armor. This ignores crits and special (yellow) attacks.

How do these statements correlate?

When I attack a mage, I'll be hitting him every second for roughly 170 damage. And in return, he's hitting me back for 75+ damage. That's a whopping 44% of the damage I deal, he's dealing right back at me without doing a single bloody thing. WTF?

Of course, that percentage is much lower in reality due to crits and yellow attacks, but it's still a very sizable number. I don't like it one bit.

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