Monday, January 21, 2008

More comprehensive Battlegrounds records

Since I started tracking my win/loss rate in battlegrounds, I've overall been losing in Eye (43% win rate) and winning in AV (57% - despite the Horde map advantage). I haven't played either AB or WSG.

Obviously my personal stats are statistically meaningless. Well, they're quite meaningful to me but they're bloody useless in assessing Alliance/Horde battlegrounds balance.

Only Blizzard holds the full stats and they're not releasing them. However, the chaps over at probably have the 2nd biggest data set here.

Here's the summary for US / Level 70:











Win %39.7%40.1%



So, overall the Horde do seem better than Alliance at Battlegrounds. However, the difference is not as large as I thought, and AV seems almost perfectly matched.

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TKC said...

Just from what I can remember.

EotS: I have about a 1 in 3 win rate. For some reason my guild doesn't go here much. I'm going to try to talk them into it the next time it is the weekend honor BG. The main reason being....
AB: the more guild members that go the better we do. If 5 of us go we have about a 50% chance to win. If 10 of us go it goes up to about 75%. If we have all 15 (or near that) then we are up around 95% for wins. If we can do this in AB then it is just a matter of working things out for EotS.
AV: it is hit and miss. Sunday we did well. Only 3 to 4 of us from the guild were going but thankfully the Ally has figured out that IBGY needs to capped and held first. If this is done then we almost always win. I'd guess it was around 75% of the time.
WSG: I don't go there and neither does the guild. We just don't like the place.