Monday, February 4, 2008

To Reroll or Not to Reroll, that is the question

The friends & coworkers I play with are convinced that rerolling Horde is the way to go. They're probably right - but - with so much time invested in my current Alliance characters (that I continue to enjoy playing), I'm finding it unappealing to reroll and level 1-70 all over again.

I could level my 46 Shaman and save myself 46 levels. But Shaman suck. I find them boring to play, so screw that. I've played long enough with enough alts to realize that I enjoy druids and warlocks; the rest of the classes don't appeal to me.

Well, I decided to create a horde druid and see if I can stomache the leveling process all over again. Whimzy, currently level 11, let's see if you hold my interest.

Notes so far: I enjoy a NE character model over a Cow. Shocking, I know.

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SaladFork said...

FB, I just rolled a Druid on Horde two weeks ago and he's just a hair shy of 65 as of last night. After you leveled one character to 70, I find that following a guide (such as Brian's, Joanna's, or one similar) really helps, as it not only lets you level rapidly, but also exposes you to a rather large amount of areas.

If you're interested, let me know and I'll throw some links your way.