Monday, February 11, 2008

Level 20 and loving it

Made it to level 20 and picked up cat form. The difference in how fast you can take down a mob is breathtaking. I would estimate that I kill mobs perhaps 3 times faster, and finish with much much higher health and mana.

And that's without any kind of opener. No Pounce (level 36) or Ravage (level 32). When I trained cat form, I tripled checked my spell book looking for either of those two spells. I had forgotten it's not until much later that you get them. At level 20, there is literally no combat reason to use your newly acquired stealth (prowl) skill. Only at level 22 when you learn Shred does Prowl become useful in a poor man's version of Ravage.

Speaking of cat form... Why does the Horde cat form look so horrible? The run animation looks (at best) weird and ungainly. The mane and horns look tacky. A night elf cat looks like a svelte killing machine. A horde cat looks like a freakshow animal escaped from the circus.

Here's some suggestions Blizzard:
- Make different female and male versions of both cat and bear forms. Perhaps make the female versions a bit slender and lose the mane for the horde version.
- Improve the run animation. I've seen excellent move animations in the game, I know they can do this. Less circus freakshow, more lithe killing machine please.



Softi said...

st stumbled on your blog from Phae's World Tree blogroll.
I've just done similar to you - rerolled a tauren druid. My main's a 70 nelf druid with swift flight form, epix etc, boomkin all the way etc, so I've been trying my hand at feral. lvl 35 and counting! I don't like the look of my character, but at least I'm doing quests I've never done before, I think that's the best bit really!

also... LOVE the name of your blog ;)

Whimsy said...

Thanks softi. Feral is really a great spec to level - there's no downtime. Stay in kitty, kill a few mobs until you're perhaps 50% HP or less. Pop out, heal yourself and continue on. No drinking, no eating, no bandaging - no downtime!

Plus if things gear hairy, bear form is just a quick click or keypress away.

tkc said...

I remember getting kitty form. I was stunned how well it worked. I didn't bother stealthing much. I just walked up and attacked. I still do this to lower level mobs. Why bother with stealth when you're gonna take them out in seconds anyway?

The horde cat form does look goofy. It makes me glad my feral druid is alliance.

I wish the dire bear would get a better look. Maybe put some armor plating on them or something. Or maybe use the worgen model.

As for arena, I wish the feral gear set was something other than +healing. I'd much rather have stats on that stuff like AP, def, dodge, and hit rating. If your feral druid is healing then chances are the gig is up.