Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Life as an Alt

WTB Cat Form. Will pay hefty price. PST.

Levels 1-19 suck - when you know what you're missing. Sure, they go by pretty fast - but wrath, wrath, wrath (maybe), moonfire, whack on target with large stick for a while is not my idea of fun.

After flying around with swift flight form, walking around everywhere is pure pain. Arrrrrgggghhhh. Why, oh why, can't I play Blizzard $25 for a premade level 60 character once I've hit 70 with a normal character? It's a win for everyone, and it would not be that hard to develop.

I'm pretty much playing my horde druid now, unless a ZA or KZ run is happening, or some short queue arenas.


Razorbax said...

I think a $25 premade level 60 would be a great idea. After you have leveled a couple of toon's it just becomes painful.

Xanathos said...

Same class sure. But it would make a lot of high levels out there who simply dont know how to play their class if I could level up a hunter then pay $25 to have a 60 shammy or paly. Im all for having to make people LTP their class.

Lets not forget that you can also move characters to a new account. your friend wants to start playing, why make him play levels 1-60 you could just spend $50 and give him a 60.

I get the frustration, but thats not the answer.