Friday, February 1, 2008


dG Killshot Notifier - It was Dusky the other night who said over Ventrillo, "If I had to have only one addon, this would be it".

There's no other addon that I've found that adds so much fun to the game.

I'm at a loss for words on how awesome it is. It's really, really simple. For everyone who runs the addon, you get a voice notification and big text notification whenever someone gets a killing blow. The Unreal Tournament sounds are used.

It adds so much fun to any premade group as you hear "Killing spree!", "Unstoppable!", "Double kill!" and "GODLIKE!" amongst others. While as a healer, you rarely get killing blows yourself, it's still fun hearing others in your group get the kills.

BUT WAIT! There's more!!!! If you act now...

I've found that besides being fun, the mod actually helps me in arenas (especially 5v5), by increasing my situational awareness. I'm running around trying to keep opponents cycloned, rooted and teammates healed. I'm paying little, if any, attention to enemy health bars. When I hear the killshot notification go off, I get an update on how we're progressing, I get a heads up that DPS is looking for a new target. It's surprisingly useful.

You can get different voice packs here. I recommend sticking with the original voicepack.


SaladFork said...

Thanks for the link. I had one of these a long time ago, but it didn't differentiate between killing players and killing mobs. Hearing "Headshot!" after every mob kill got really annoying really fast.

tkc said...

Heh. I put the /charge emote in my hunter's pet attack/hunter's mark macro.

I took it out about an hour later.